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At Telemedik Assistance Technologies we are dedicated to improving people’s quality of life through innovative telecare solutions adapted to different needs and lifestyles. Our approach is focused on developing technology and protocols to manage people’s well-being care efficiently and effectively. We have a multidisciplinary telecare team that can coordinate emergency services and provide specialized health care.

Assistance in personal and health emergencies

Our emergency system makes a difference in terms of saving lives. We combine technology and professional human assistance to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the response to a civil, criminal and health emergency situation.

Care adapted to our older adults

We are committed to significantly improving the quality of life of the elderly and providing peace of mind to their caregivers. Our monitoring technology allows us to detect risk situations and alert in real time, allowing a quick and efficient response to critical situations or emergencies.

Pre-alerts for changes in life patterns

We monitor a person’s daily activity patterns and detect significant changes that may indicate a health problem or impending emergency. This allows us to take preventive measures before the situation worsens and act immediately in a situation of possible risk.

Health monitoring and personalized follow-up

We use portable devices and mobile applications for the accurate collection and analysis of data on the state of health and physical activity of a person. We identify life patterns and trends, and provide personalized recommendations to improve health and prevent disease.

Digital literacy: Support in the use of technology

We help people to have the skills to interact with the digital world, through proactive and educational measures to understand and use technology effectively, safely and responsibly.

Youth empowerment and comprehensive social care

We favor self-care and that effective health and safety promotion is possible through technology. We are present in emergency situations and take care of your health.

Assist 4U

Assist 4U

Our comprehensive solution for preventive and efficient care


State-of-the-art technology to propel your company towards success

Assit 4U is the telecare solution that integrates different technologies that adapt perfectly to the needs of each business. You can combine them to your liking, obtaining the most appropriate and personalized solution for your company. Our team is committed to bringing you easy-to-use and customizable technology to meet the demands of your users.

Dr Security Mobile App

It allows you to send geolocated emergency alerts from the comfort of your smartphone, and receive immediate help thanks to the direct connection with our alert receiving center. Dr. Security provides protection and assistance at all times!

Dr.Security SDK

With our SDK you will be able to incorporate the features of the Dr. Security app into your own mobile application in a simple and guided way. Now you can give your users the peace of mind and security of having a geolocated alert system in case of emergency!

Emergency management platform

State-of-the-art technology that guarantees immediate response to emergencies through automated analysis and classification of alerts. It offers monitoring and assistance to the user through direct communication and remote control of the mobile device.

Assistence Service 24/7

We provide support service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If necessary, we will refer the emergency to our health service lines to guarantee professional and adequate attention without having to make additional calls or procedures.

Portal Dealers

Would you like to join our team of distributors? Provide your customers with the best security solution and immediate assistance in case of emergencies. Your clients will be able to have the peace of mind of being protected at all times and by the best professionals!

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Our response processes are audited to ISO 22320:19 standards of Emergency Management

We connect technology with the most professional human experience through certified training with international ISO 22320 standards for emergency management and resolution. Accompanies the implementation and management of all protocols and processes which are certified

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