Would you like to include Dr. Security as an additional feature in your business app?

The Dr. Security emergency system technology can be integrated into mobile applications through its SDK (Software Development Kit) format.

What is an SDK?

“SDK stands for “Software Development Kit” or “Software Development Kit”, and is a set of programming tools that facilitate the creation of computer applications.
Our SDK includes a code library, technical documentation, and other resources needed to build and customize the software. This means app developers can embed the functionality into their own app without having to build a new platform from scratch.”

Save time and effort with our SDK

Our SDK is developed to be able to be included in an already existing app with just adding a few lines of code. It adapts to the graphic environment of the software, adding the powerful functionality of dealing with emergencies and making it easier for the user to enjoy all the advantages from the same app.

Dr.Security SDK

Select the components of the emergency service that best suit your business and the needs of your customers.

Your app

It is not necessary to integrate software services, share code access, or deliver your customer database.

Guided implementation

It includes a development guide that specifies how to integrate the SDK.

Sample app

We give you an application where you can view the different elements included in the SDK, as well as test how they work.

Transparent access

Our registration and login process is complemented by the existing one in your app. Your users will not notice the change.

Technical support

We offer additional 24/7 support for the implementation of the SDK, testing and maintenance of the emergency service.

A complete service

Improve your customers’ satisfaction and show that you care about their well-being.

SOS alarm

When the SOS alarm is triggered, it will start recording automatically.


Just activate the SOS alarm, even if your cell phone is put away.

Live broadcast

Agents can see and hear what's going on.


When the SOS alarm is triggered, the audio and video are automatically recorded.


You can add friends and family as an emergency contact.

Timer alarm

Define how long you want to launch the alarm in an emergency.

Boost your business

Differentiate yourself from the competition! It stands out as a company that cares about the safety of its customers.

Maximize the success of your app with our marketing and sales advisory service

We know that the success of an application is not only about its functionality, it is also important to promote it effectively. For this reason, we offer the support of our team of marketing and sales experts to help you identify the needs of your audience, define your strategy and promote the service in different channels. Whether it’s through online advertising, social media and other forms of digital marketing, we’ve got the tools and advice you need to help you take your business to the next level. través de publicidad en línea, redes sociales y otras formas de mercadeo digital, te brindamos las herramientas y el asesoramiento que necesitas para ayudarte a llevar tu negocio al siguiente nivel.

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