Emergency management software

Receive, analyze and verify the emergency in a matter of seconds

Our emergency management platform is linked to the Dr. Security app. It has been designed to streamline emergency management in real time, allowing the user to offer a quick and efficient response, and helping the operator in decision-making during assistance.

Smart board for optimal emergency management

GPS monitoring

Phone status

Audiovisual recording

Sound and light alarm


Support chat

Receive SOS alerts in real time

The SOS function in our app is designed to automatically send an emergency alert in the Management Software, speeding up the response to any risk situation.

Emergency verification


Identifies the exact location of the person who has sent the emergency alert issued from the mobile application.

User Data

We access the user’s profile information: name, age, gender, health data and any other relevant information that may be useful to emergency teams.

Audiovisual gallery

Shows the video and audio automatically generated by the app while sending the SOS, and stores the material collected during the emergency management.

In-Live Geolocation

Nearby places

It integrates a directory of assistance points by proximity to the emergency to locate police stations, hospitals, DEAs… It allows adding personalized points by sending routes and specifications during alert management.

Map with GPS tracking

It allows to know the position of the user and to follow his movement. The different full screen display options, satellite view and street view, facilitate the description of areas and access points to the emergency site.

Remote assistance

Remote Control command from the Call Center that allows to offer a response when the user cannot access a traditional call, cannot speak or is unconscious

Sound and light alarm activation as a warning, location and/or deterrence tool.

Live images via REC video and taking photos with the device's front and rear cameras.

Sound recording that allows you to know what is happening.

Sending custom full screen messages for support information.

Call with remote activation of the Smartphone speaker: allows you to talk to the user when he is at a certain distance from the device.

Precise management for an effective response

Automation of data collection for a quick assessment of the situation.
Identification of the number of people affected for better resource planning.
Implementation of action protocols for a quick and effective response in emergency situations.
Generation of detailed emergency reports with relevant data for current management and future incidents.
History of alerts sent by the user, including type and frequency of sending.
Detailed report of the emergency, available to send to external assistance services.

Find out how our support service works

Would you like to know more about how we provide assistance in an emergency? Discover how our emergency management service works and what makes us different.

Do you already have a Contact Center?

Acquire the COMPLETE SYSTEM of Dr. Security!

If you have your own Contact Center or are associated with one, there is the possibility of integrating the emergency management platform into your assistance software. Its installation is carried out in-house through a preliminary study, hardware compatibility check, process verification and remote technical monitoring.

Ready for the integration of third-party software through TCP-IP & Web Services protocols.

Proprietary development in HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.

Intercommunication between the app and the database through Web Service and Web Sockets.

Ready for integration with most VoIP centers.

It allows the management of records, alarm history and statistical analysis, among others.

CCTV and road traffic compatibility.

E-learning platform for Training Back Up

Online or face-to-face instructors train your team, applying our solution to your operational processes with ISO 22320 standards for international emergency management and resolution.

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