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Dr. Security is the emergency system that guarantees protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It combines state-of-the-art technology with the experience of highly trained professionals, to provide an immediate and effective response to any critical situation.

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Our solution goes beyond an emergency app

Dr. Security’s technology includes the mechanisms for generating an alert in case of emergency, offering the user to activate the SOS from the comfort of the smartphone. The application is connected to an Alert Receiving Center (CRA), which ensures prompt attention from our operators.

After pressing the SOS button of the app for 3 seconds, it sends a geolocated emergency alert, along with vital user information and real-time audio and video transmission.

The alert is received at the Alert Receiving Center (CRA), where a highly trained operator contacts the user to provide assistance.

The operator assesses the situation and takes measures to manage it internally with our health lines or in case of extreme urgency, refer it to 9-1-1.

Our helpdesk remains in contact until it is confirmed that the situation has been satisfactorily resolved.

Experience of our users

Female, 62 years old, diabetic with a blood glucose level of 128September 2022
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My patient was dizzy and had difficulty speaking. They gave me all the necessary support and kept in constant communication with me, until they made sure that we were being cared for in the hospital. They made me feel accompanied and safe at all times.
Woman, 62 years oldDicember 2022
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I had a health situation alone at home, I experienced chest pain and shortness of breath. I activated the SOS alert and they coordinated with 9-1-1 an ambulance to take me to the hospital. I want to highlight the human quality, they were concerned about my well-being and gave me all the necessary support in such a difficult situation.
Woman, Caregiver of the recipient of the serviceFebruary 2023
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My patient was dizzy and had difficulty speaking. They gave me all the necessary support and kept in constant communication with me, until they made sure that we were being cared for in the hospital. They made me feel accompanied and safe at all times.
Woman, Daughter of the beneficiary of the serviceFebruary 2023
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My 91-year-old mother fell at home and hit her head, which caused light bleeding. I pressed SOS and they quickly called me and arranged for an ambulance. Thanks to her quick action and care, my mother is stable and on the mend.

Complementary methods

Ask for help without touching the cell phone

Fall detector

Sends an emergency alert when detecting an impact or fall of medium-high intensity in which the device is involved.

Bluetooth button

Wireless button that connects to the app via bluetooth and activates the distress call just by pressing it. It works up to 49 feet away from the device.

*Acquired separately from the mobile software.

Countdown alarm

It is configured through a clock. At the end of the programmed time, it sends the SOS alert.

We are the most intelligent and complete choice

Dr. Security improves the 9-1-1 response in critical situations

When it comes to emergencies, every second counts! That is why it is essential to have the best system available. At Dr. Security, we do not replace 9-1-1, but rather complement it to provide the most efficient and accurate care.

Geolocated emergencies

Along with the emergency alert, we receive the exact location of the emergency and begin to monitor it in real time. This allows us to send help quickly and efficiently, even if the user is in a remote or hard-to-find location.

User profile with health data

The app has a profile section where you can record any relevant data, such as age, gender, physical description, chronic illnesses, allergies, and other details that may be important to emergency services. This information is automatically issued along with your request for help, speeding up the identification process and helping emergency services know how to act accordingly. In case the user is pregnant or taking any major medication, it can be vital to receive proper medical care.

Audio and video transmission in real time

After activating the SOS button, the app automatically captures 10 seconds of audio and 10 seconds of video, which allows a detailed record of what happens in the emergency. Also, in case of criminal emergencies, audio and video recording can be a valuable tool to collect testimonial evidence that can be useful for future investigations.

Provide support in your trusted network

In emergency situations, the support of a loved one can be essential. For this reason, we have included a function that allows you to assign an emergency contact, whether it is a family member, friend or legal caregiver of the person. In the event of an emergency, our assistance service is in charge of contacting that trusted person to inform them of the situation and provide follow-up until the emergency has been resolved.eguimiento hasta que la emergencia haya sido resuelta.

Live support chat

In addition to the assistance call, the app offers the user a communication channel via chat with our team of operators. From the moment you initiate the SOS request, you will be able to start a conversation with them and receive personalized assistance throughout the emergency management process. Our team is available 24/7 to provide the necessary support at critical moments!

All in one place

Our management platform centralizes the response

Dr. Security is available to include in your business application!

Would you like to integrate our emergency solution into your application? With our SDK (Software Development Kit) you can integrate and customize according to your specific needs. Improve the security of your clients and differentiate yourself from the competition with our latest technology!

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