Dr. Security Dealers Platform for Distributors

The Dr. Security system offers the possibility that other organizations can ensure the safety of their population, such as employees, subscribers, clients…, offering them a mobile application for emergencies, with a 24/7 response service, every day of the year. It integrates an SOS button that allows the user to request help in a geolocated way, being assisted immediately.

How does Dealers work?

Create your group or collective (allows you to add as many as you need)

Select the country where the emergency service will be active.

Create users manually or import a list of people.

The annual subscription to the emergency service will automatically begin.

About the service

Data transmission and live emergency monitoring

Geolocated emergency

When a user is in a dangerous or emergency situation, the app sends the help request together with the exact location of the emergency.

Audio and video recording during the emergency

During the sending of the SOS alarm, the system automatically sends a recording of 10 seconds of audio and 10 seconds of video that allows you to know what is happening and act immediately.

Remote assistance

The system allows to attend an emergency even if the user cannot access his phone, cannot speak or is unconscious. You can even initiate a call from the user’s phone, in case the user cannot answer the call made by the ARC after receiving the SOS alert.

Who is Dr. Security for?

The potential of Dr. Security is in its ability to SAVE LIVES.

The system contemplates, on the one hand, the diversity of possible emergency situations to which a person may be exposed: civil, health or criminal, and on the other, the various circumstances of the person in matters such as age, gender, health or environment. . Therefore, it is ideal for:

Elderly people

Family control

Health problems

Violent situations

Robberies and kidnappings

Sport practice

Natural disasters

Prevention of occupational hazards

Travel and/or tourism

And more…

What we offer?

Value proposition to your customers

Reduce false alarms

Our system is cost-effective. In a few seconds we detect the alarms sent by mistake, avoiding the expense of resources that it entails.

Multi-directional emergency management

We refer the emergency to our internal TeleMedik team of specialists or to 9-1-1. We also inform the person of trust of the user about how the event evolves.

Optimize response time

We know the type of emergency, user identity, number of affected, location and other vital data for rapid management of the situation.

Offers alert reporting

The management software generates a report on the emergencies received, response times and other metrics that guarantee our assistance compliance.

Allows user tracking

We communicate with the affected party in just one click through a traditional call and/or remote management, accompanying them at all times and in real time.

Streamline complaint processes

Emergencies are also criminal when it comes to episodes of violence, robbery… The transmission of audio and video throughout the management of the emergency becomes judicial evidence in the event that a complaint is filed.

Guaranteed personal privacy

Our system uses action protocols and security measures that guarantee the protection of user data and privacy at all times.

What do I get by being a distributor?

Profit percentage

Technical service

International certifications and standards


Certified agents

Cutting edge technology

We accompany you at all times

To improve the effectiveness of downloading and using the application, we have an online user guide, with the option to download, and that can be used in communications.

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